Ihmisten kokoisille ideoille!


Ihmisten kokoisia ideoita jo yli 20 vuotta!


The goal of the project ”CultuRE:imagined” is to develop creative ways to make cultural heritage more visible and involve youth in local cultural activities. Cultural heritage and local history form a fundamental basis for cultural sector regardless where they are or what they do. It is also a theme that is still often treated traditionally. Furthermore, the youth perspective is often lacking. This project will offer youth a possibility to participate and learn new skills. Groups of youngsters will have a crucial role in planning and implementing cultural activities.


The project implies a series of national and international sessions where dialogues will be established between the youth and the professionals, and between sectors. That includes meet-ups with facilitated discussions between young people to map out needs and attitudes regarding cultural heritage and its relevance, forming action groups from the young people who are interested to improve leadership, organizational and project management skills and train “ambassadors” who will further dialogue and involvement.


Each partner will implement local activities involving youth in every step of the project: organisations will provide a context for the activities which will be planned and implemented by youth. Each organisation will create a setting based on their own historical and/or cultural context but all share the same narratives and aspects of gamification and story telling. Both professionals and youth will collaborate with peers locally and transnationally to enhance skills development and inclusion through culture, arts and creativity. The experiences from the project will increase the resilience and abilities to adapt to different circumstances and environments. 


The project gathers young people and professionals from youth and culture sectors from three countries: Finland, Lithuania, and Spain. The project starts in May 2021 and lasts for 18 months. 


The project is funded by Erasmus+. 



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