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Nouseva Rannikkoseutu is a Leader local Action Group from Northern Finland. Our area covers seven municipalities and approximately 54 000 inhabitants. Our aim is to encourage local people to develop their native region, to enhance region’s pleasance and to create new employment opportunities and companies.

     The association was founded in 1996 and it has its own developing plan for years 2014 – 2020. The plan is carried out by funding non-profit development projects and enterprise projects. In addition, the association educates, informs, activates and helps people who apply for funding and carry out projects.

     Nouseva Rannikkoseutu cooperates with local people, and anyone can become a member of the association. An annual general meeting at which an executive board is elected is held each year. The board handles the funding applications, and  is responsible for the activities. The board is supported by the office staff who run the everyday work of the association. The employees are experts of their own fields.   

Our area is situated in the North-Ostrobothnia, south of Oulu, which is the fifth biggest city in Finland. Oulu as a technological cluster with its university and comprehensive services has a great influence on the region. The counties surrounding Oulu are growing fast and have young age structure whereas counties further away have problems with aging and a decreasing number of population. As our name reveals, we are situated at the coast of Gulf of Bothnia, sub-region of the Baltic Sea. The area is low-lying but the scenes vary greatly from fields striped by river plains to marshes and forests. 

The significance of farming has decreased. Milk and beef production are the strongest fields of the farming sector. The area has long traditions of diverse potato production. Majority of the people work in services, and also metal industry and information technology are important fields. Many commute daily to work at bigger cities of the area. Transport connection are good though public transportation is quite scarce in many parts. Finland’s second biggets airport is located in the county, and the closest harbours are in Raahe and Oulu. Train stations are located in Vihanti and in Ruukki. There are about 60 villages in the area. Many of them have registered as associations and made out written plans for villages. Villages have more and more responsibilities and possibilities in offering and ensuring services for locals as the counties transfer their public services to private sector. 


Local action group Nouseva Rannikkoseutu focuses on four kinds of actions strongly influencing to one another:

1) Actions that improve the quality of life in general: strengthens pleasance, vitality and co-operation.

2) Actions that improve employment and diversify sources of income and lines of business.

3) Actions that support sustainable development and good state of environment.

4) Actions that improve young peoples involvement in local development.



Nouseva Rannikkoseutu 

Ruukinkuja 2
92400 RUUKKI



Riikka Hautala, Manager

Tel: +358 40 776 9799

Email: riikka.hautala@nousevarannikkoseutu.fi



Erja Simuna, international affairs coordinator

Tel: + 358 50 413 0615

Email: erja.simuna@nousevarannikkoseutu.fi





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